Energy Efficiency

There are many innovative ways to manage your PV system more effectively with innovative add-on products that integrate the energy you’re producing with other devices


PowerFlow Energy

The PowerFlow recovers exported energy from your PV system to provide water or space heating for free. It accurately measures and diverts energy generated that would have been exported from your system. The PowerFlow can capture this energy in your hot water tank as heat, saving you money on your gas, oil or electricity bills.

Easy to use

  • Accurately tracks surplus power, diverting excess into heating loads such as hot water or space heating.
  • Eliminates unwanted import during operation due to fast reacting F-POINT technology.
  • Can be used with existing heating elements with no harmful effects.
  • Quick payback and long lasting high quality design and manufacture.
  • Fully CE compliant. Tested against EN6100 series standards for flicker, harmonics and EMI.
  • Designed, manufactured and tested in the UK.


Useful features

  • Live LCD status display shows import/export levels, diverted power levels, load status and total kWh savings.
  • Easy to use menu gives flexible setup options.
  • Three position main power switch incorporating safety isolation, ERS operation and manual bypass positions.

Built to last
ERS 4 is manufactured to the highest of standards both inside and out. The electronic components are protected by a custom made hard anodised aluminium enclosure. It’s designed to keep the moister and dust out and manage heat dispersion simultaneously.

PLUS: If you choose to install PowerFlow through Caplor Energy – you will benefit from 5 years warranty, exclusively available from us as an accredited installer.

powerflow energy