There are many innovative ways to manage your PV system more effectively with innovative add-on products that integrate the energy you’re producing with other devices

About The Solar iBoost+

  • Cut the cost of water heating in your home.

  • Reduce the use of your boiler.

  • Maximise the use of the free solar energy generated at your property.

Marlec’s innovative Solar iBoost+ enables you to automatically consume the excess energy generated at your home so you can just sit back and enjoy the extra savings! Read on to find out how with Solar iBoost+ fitted you will…

Watch Your Savings Grow

This is the principle of how it operates:

Our Solar iBoost+ system detects when excess energy is being exported to the grid and measures it. The main unit receives this information from the Sender and releases the equivalent level of energy (less a small reserve) to the immersion heater. As the exported levels adjust in line with home consumption the Solar iBoost+ adjusts the levels delivered for water heating ensuring that only excess energy is used.

It’s as simple as

  • Cut the cost of water heating in your home.

  • Solar iBoost+ is activated when excess energy is available. It intelligently controls and adjusts the flow of energy to the immersion in proportion with the fluctuating export levels.

  • Water is heated over the course of the day using the free solar energy at your home.

How does it affect my Feed in Tariff Payments?

It doesn’t! In the UK FIT generation payments are not affected. As most export tariff contracts are based on deemed energy usage rather than actually metered self consumption is most beneficial. Solar iBoost+ enables you to usefully and automatically consume any excess energy generated rather than export it. Even with an export meter the benefits of Solar iBoost+ can still easily outweigh rising energy costs.


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