Electric Vehicle Charge Points

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Grants towards the cost of installing car chargers are available under the Home Charging Scheme and the Workplace Charging Scheme. As OLEV approved installers we can apply for any grants that you might be eligible for.

Why use a charging solution for your electric vehicle?

A personal charge-point for your home makes charging your EV safer, simpler and more convenient. No more extension leads, worrying about plug connections outside or wondering whether you are overloading your home’s electrical supply.

  • Domestic customers receive a 75% Government grant up to a maximum of £500 for the  installation.
  • Safe, simple charging points.
  • Dedicated EV chargers are around one third faster* than a mains supply socket.
  • Suitable for properties of all sizes.

*This is an indication only; actual time will vary by vehicle type and battery charge state at the time of the charging session

Under the Workplace Charging Scheme, businesses can benefit from a contribution of £250 towards the cost of installing a EV charger. Employees and visitors with an EV will be able to charge up within a couple of hours and enjoy the cost, and environmental benefits of owning an EV. Currently businesses can also apply for Enhanced Capital Allowances for EV charge points.

Over the past three years Caplor Energy has purchased products from two main manufacturers (Podpoint and Rolec) both of which provide a range of commercial chargers, which vary in degree of access given to users, corporate branding and cost. Innovative leasing options are available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

What happens next?

  1. Check the grant conditions

You can see if your property and vehicle are eligible here.

  1. Give us your details

Fill out the Charge Point Survey Form. You can send the completed form to us by emailing it to ben@caplor.co.uk.

  1. Get a quote for your electric vehicle charging solution

We will send you a quote for your chosen charging solution. Electric Vehicle Charge Points pod-2

  1. Installation of your electric vehicle charge point

We will arrange a convenient day with you to install your chosen electric vehicle charge point.

  1. Claim the grant

We will submit the required evidence on your behalf.