Our mission is to help business leaders engage with their ‘Triple Bottom Line’ of Profit, People and Planet. Every business has remarkable potential for positive impact in these areas.  BoomCircle is the capable, specialist member of the team that can get your Triple Bottom Line strategy up and running.

We make it happen with clear, practical and energetic service to clients, with ‘plain speak’ work that simplifies the many opportunities for your business to grow sustainably. What can you do, what should you do and what will bring the best return to your business? These are the questions we help you to pose, answer and solve.

My passion is to unleash potential and help business make good stuff happen”  – Tamsyn Harrod. Chief Doer & Founder, BoomCircle


BoomCircle and Caplor have teamed up to offer a candid advice service that helps identify the people and planet issues that matter most – to your business and stakeholders

We help you articulate your sustainability vision, set clear targets and get a  A SMART action plan in place.

“There is mounting evidence that funds which observe environmental, social and governance standards in their strategies tend to outperform those that don’t by a significant margin”Financial Times, September 2017

The opportunity:

  • Bottom line savings with proactive energy management.
  • A strategic, clear & easy to communicate plan to bring employees with you
  • A plan with all activity aligned to business strategy- no more ‘warm and fluffy stuff!’
  • A chance to attract & retain top talent as a business ‘of the  future’

“Investing in sustainability is not only a risk management tool; it can also drive innovation”Harvard Business Review, October 2016

Case studies

BoomCircle helped us to design and start Farm Fresh Revolution, a food distribution network in Staffordshire that brings local, affordable produce into the community.”  – Packington Pork

Create shared value: A small business ‘giving back’ to local community

With passion and resource to help their local community, but not sure where to start, Packington Pork enlisted BoomCircle to help them strategically deploy their resource in the best ‘bang for buck’ project- for the community and the business.

A family run pig farm farm that supplies major retailers, Packington felt distant from the end consumer of their products. At the same time, residents within the local community were experiencing increasing poverty and struggling to access affordable fresh, healthy food. Farm Fresh Revolution was born, with the mission to promote fresh produce and influence everyday local shopping habits to increase consumption of fresh meat and veg..

Using primary schools in low income areas as delivery hubs, in partnership with local veg growers we developed Farm Fresh Revolution – a bi weekly delivery of meat, veg and fruit into schools for parents to pick up at the school gate.

In the first year of operation 10 schools have taken part and  2,167 bags of food have been delivered with each food bag containing double the food value it costs to deliver. For every £1 spent on the project, the community get £2 in value. The end of year survey showed 75% of parents taking part have changed their daily shopping habits as a result of Farm Fresh Revolution, buying more fresh produce in their daily shops more regularly.

“BoomCircle created value with useful ideas and strategic thought, efficiently backed with decent structured work and documents. You can have confidence that working with BoomCircle is money well spent”

– Robert Mercer, Managing Director, Packington Pork

“BoomCircle’s approach is ideal for small to medium sized businesses who want to advance their sustainability plans.”Soul Circus Ltd

Turn ‘good’ brand intentions’ into hard actions

Soul Circus’ customer base was highly engaged sustainable living habits and personal well being. The senior team and Founder shared these values and engaged BoomCircle to practically translate their ‘blue sky’ sustainability vision into action on the ground.

Articulating a clear Sustainability Manifesto for employees and customers, BoomCircle implemented the targets set out in this manifesto, including becoming 100% renewably powered and 100% waste recycled with no single use plastic on site. .

Improved recycling management from year one to year two took recycling rate from 14% to 56% and consequently reduced the waste cost per head from £1.80 to £0.80 from year one to two.


“BoomCircle will deliver a programme that adds value to your business. Consistently creative, strategically relevant and operationally switched on, Tamsyn is a pleasure to work with” Roman Wroath, Founder & Managing Director, Soul Circus, Ltd


“A key part of the Haygrove Triple Bottom line Project, BoomCircle was core to the overall Team effort to drive Sustainability into the muscle of our Business”Richard Mills, Finance Director, Haygrove

Strategy Cascade Challenge – how to operationally embed sustainability

With 20 years of action on ‘Triple Bottom Line’ Haygrove’s challenge growing from a small domestic company to a medium international enterprise was to ‘bottle’ its’ ethos, create a  group sustainability strategy and embed this plan across all operations. Over 2 years BoomCircle was asked to deliver these goals as interim Sustainability Manager and create a permanent senior sustainability role within the company.

We focused the operational embedding in 6 strategic areas that had bottom line impact for the business, including: Water, energy management, waste management, employee wellbeing and community investment.

A number of successful projects were delivered within the 2 years:

  • Progressing the journey to 100% recycled waste with a centralised onsite system improving waste recycled rate from 26% to 62% and reducing the annual waste bill from £53K to being cost neutral.
  • c.£1million saving in reducing product (soft fruit) waste were identified. We implemented improved reporting systems & a staff training programme as first step to achieve these
  • Internal recruitment and development of 30 sustainability champions to roll out the Group plan internationally
  • Strategic staff Wellbeing programme developed with welfare and HR functions to reduce absence and improve employee productivity
  • Improved perception of the company within the local community through linking to local education, including 9 apprenticeships and 15 schools visiting a year
  • Strategic deployment of community investment fund within 5 miles of operational sites and aligned to company expertise to ensure localised, maximum ‘bang for buck’.


We are accredited with a number of codes, practises and are also partnered with reputable companies within the renewable energy sector
Fronius Service Partner
Tesla Powerwall
Solar Edge
Chamber Business Awards
Renewable Energy Consumer Code
Solar Trade Association
Farmers Weekly
Advance Solar Installer

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