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Yes you have arrived at the right place!  Caplor Energy acquired Southern Solar on 7 December 2015 so if you’re looking for a company with a vision to ensure sustainable energy is available to all businesses, homes and communities then read on…

Photo of Howard Johns and Gareth Williams

Howard Johns (left) and Gareth Williams (right)

You’ll be familiar with Howard Johns, former Managing Director of Southern Solar, who comments on the acquisition:

“Caplor Energy shares many of the same aims and values and I am excited to be involved.  This is the start of an exciting new chapter for the business”.

Caplor Energy is already established in the West Midlands and South Wales, so this extends our geographical spread with a company whose customer ethos mirrors our own.  You’ll continue to receive a personalised service with award winning specialists who will guide you through the complete process in your renewable energy journey.

  • Lower your electricity costs
  • Secure solar funding for your business through our Power Purchase Agreements
  • Maintain your solar with our cleaning, monitoring and maintenance cover.

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