Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water systems are also commonly referred to as ‘solar thermal systems’. These systems typically use solar panels to heat water, and are thus distinct from solar PV systems which generate electricity. The hot water is stored for use later and can easily provide a large proportion of your hot water usage  from the solar energy.

Any situation where hot water is used could benefit from a solar thermal system. With increasing fuel bills for domestic consumers and commercial enterprises along with the environmental impact of fossil fuels, a solar thermal system can make a big difference.

Get paid to heat! – Government Incentives

The government currently

provides incentives for households and businesses to install renewable heat technologies, including solar thermal.  In commercial environments you can benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive both commercial and domestic heating systems can benefit from recouping the capital costs of installation. Find out how you could benefit by following the link below.

Our solar thermal systems are designed in house specifically to each customers requirement, whether this be in a domestic home or a milking parlour.The amount of money and CO2 that you save will be dependent upon your consumption, the fossil fuel type that you are replacing, and the energy efficiencies of both your building and boiler.

There are huge benefits to both the domestic and commercial use of a solar thermal installation:

  • Reduces your fossil fuel consumption and hence CO2 emissions
  • Save money on fuel that you would have otherwise needed to purchase
  • Enhance the life of your boiler by reducing the amount of switch-on / offs
  • Low maintenance technology
  • Integrates with existing heating or other renewable sources
  • Solar Thermal is backed by Government incentives to reward consumers who invest in green technology
  • Low cost and simple way for you or your company to contribute towards tackling climate change
Solar Keymark LogoCaplor Energy use only products that are accredited as an MCS approved product or registered with the  European Solar keymark scheme. The Solar Keymark is the European-wide standard for solar thermal collectors. Its requirements are above and beyond those laid down by MCS.